Gemma Bernal



Industrial design graduate at EINA, Barcelona

Industrial designer since 1968
She believes in design as a collaborated with companies in order to be able to offer differentiated, competitive and useful products.

  • She teamed up with Ramon Isern, under the bran Bernal / Isern, and they signed many products aling 30 years.
  • The year 1998 founded Gemma Bernal & Associats.
  • Since 2004 she runs her own office, Gemma Bernal, design.
  • During the years of her career she has worked with many companies from different areas: Household furniture, High Gastronomy, Tableware, Urban equipment, Contract, Lighting, Playground, among others.

She has worked for brands like:

Andreu Est · Avuí (CL) · Bauscher (DE)  · BD Ediciones de Diseño · Bidasoa · B-Lux · Cerámica Industrial Montgatina · Cruz Verde Legrain · Concepta · Cycsa · DAE · Disenia · Disform · DO+CE · Dytecma · Enea · Escofet · Forms+ Surfaces (US) · Franch · Frezza (IT) · Gems  · Grupo T · Henkel · Isaba · Isart · Leds-C4 · Miquelrius · Myrga · Monix · Montseny · Nelo (SE) · Nestlé · Nova Norma · RAK Porcelain (UAE) · Roca · Rosenthal (DE) · San Claudio · Sellex · Seyfor · Source International (US) · Tramo · Urbes 21 · Valentí · Vibia · Vieta · Vilagrasa


EINA, Barcelona (1990 – 2012)
- Professor of the department of product Design, of the area of Technology or Constructive Processes.
- Project’s tutor of the Final University Project.

ESDI, Sabadell (1990 – 2012)
- Project’s professor of 4rth course
- Project’s tutor of the Final University Project.
- 2002, 2003 and 2004 Masters in design of furniture, for ESDI-EPSAR. Of February to June, for post-graduated. With          attendance of students of 7 countries of the American continent and Europe.

ELISAVA, Barcelona (1987-1991)
- Professor of interdisciplinary project - third curse

Universidad CEU de San Pablo, Valencia (1997 – 2000 )
- Masters of design of furniture
- Course of postgraduate on Urban Furniture.

UB, Barcelona
- Masters in ephemeral architecture. It collaborates with an annual project, on subjects of ephemeral design.

INACAP, Santiago de Chile
- 2001 Correction of projects on design of furniture.
- 2003 Intensive Workshop, with selected students and in collaboration with a company.
- 2006 Multidisciplinar Workshop. She makes a program, in that takes part three different races Gastronomy, Graphic          and Industrial design. Proposal of the subject and accomplishment of the complete project.
- 2010 Workshop on ceramics and building elements for catering.

 Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile
- 2004 Intensive Workshop with selected students, on the subject of Gastronomy, accessories, equipment etc.

 Universidad Autónoma de San Luís de Potosí, México
- 2002 Intensive course (work-shop) of one week for post-graduated. On design of furniture. Experience with a manufacturer to be able to make present products for the market of Mexico.
- 2015 One week Workshop for post-graduated. Urban furniture. Magistral conference about the jobs of a designer.
 N.I.D, Ahmedabad (India)
- 2006 Workshop participating in the postdegree of ceramics and glass of this university, during 15 days.
- 2007 Workshop para los alumnos del postgrado de cerámica.

 Centro Cultural de España, Guatemala
- 2009 Workshop of ceramic.

UANL de Monterrey, México
- 2011 Workshop working in the management of the design.


- 1987 Catalunya Centre d’Art, Girona
- 1988 “Cuatro diseñadores”. Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia.
- Mayo 1990 Escola ELISAVA, Barcelona
- 1992 “El Diseño como opción Ecológica”. Murcia
- Mayo 2002 Conferences ADI-FAD, Barcelona
- Julio 2002 Conference on the design and the gastronomy. EINA, Barcelona
- Octubre 2002 Conference in the CETME (technological center of the furniture, (Murcia) For manufacturers of furniture.
- Octubre 2002 Escola ELISAVA, Barcelona, for graduated students.
- Abril 2003. Escola CEU, Valencia.
- 2006 Conference for the sector of the furniture, Valencia
- 2008 Conferences about playgrouns in IFEMA, Madrid.
- 2008 Conferences on trends. La Senia (Tarragona) y La Garriga (Barcelona)

- 1990 Instituto de Comercio Exterior de Portugal, Oporto (Portugal)
- 1996 The design like discipline, Mokpo (Corea del Sur)
- 1998 y 1999 Conferences in Perú and Argentina.
- 2001 Conferences in Perú and Chile.
- 2002 Conference in san Luis de Potosí (México)
- 2003 (summer) University of Chile, INACAP. Santiago de Chile (Chile)
- 2004 University Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile. (Chile)
- 2006 Conference en Ahmadabad (India)
- 2006 Conference en Chile
- 2007 Conference en Ahmadabad (India)
- 2007 Conferences in universities of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design en Sao Paolo (Brasil)
- 2009 Conference on Design and Gatronomy. (Perú)
- 2009 (august) Conference in Cultural Center in Spain (CCE), Guatemala
- 2010 (august) Conference obout gatronomy evolution in INACAP, Santiago de Chile (Chile)
- 2011 (september) Conference about Creativity in Design en UANL de Monterrey (Mexico)
- 2015 (october) Magistral Conference about the jobs of a designer. Universidad Autónoma de San Luis de Potosí (Mexico)
- 2015 (November) Conference about the design, the role of the designer and his career as a designer, in Jieyang (China)


- El Diseño en España. Europalia. 1985
- 25 años de Diseño Industrial. Ed. Gustavo Gili
- Design in Catalonia. Fundació BCD. 1987
- Quim Larrea i Juli Capella. 1991. Casa Barcelona. 38 dissenys espanyols pel 92. Olimpiada Cultural.
- Quim Larrea i Juli Capella. 1991. Nuevo Diseño Español. Ed. Gustavo Gili

- ON
- D.M.C
- CLARIN, Argentina

- It has participated in numerous exhibitions, with BCD, in the traveling exhibitions of CATALONIA DESIGN.
- In LUBJYANA, the biennial.
- In Milan in the TRiENALE.
- In the 2004 a personal sample of many designs was organized, throughout the month of August, in the University Diego Portales of Santiago de Chile.
- In 2009 in Gran Canaria , in the itinerant exhibition “ Womans in the project”
- In 2014, in the intinerant exhibition “Tapas”
- In 2015, some porcelain collections were exhibited at the corner of Barcelona in the design week of HONG KONG


- 45 Products selected by the Association of Industrial designers (ADI-FAD).
- Delta de Oro ADI-FAD in 1969 with the skillful telephone for Raydor.
- Selection “ Disueño ”, 1977.
- 1er Prize of the Aid of the furniture of the Fair of Valencia (FIMI, Valencia) in 1985, 1986, 1988 and 1989.
- 2º Prize of the Aid of the furniture of the Fair of Valencia (FIMI, Valencia) in 1991 and 1992.
- 1º Prize of Design of the Fair the decorative International of Ceramics, Glass and elements (CEVIDER ’ 93) by the set of dishes “ONA” and a honorary mention by the washbasin “CLIO”.
- 2º Prize aid of design of Castilla la Mancha, urban furniture for Alava.2004.
- 1º Prize aid of the furniture of Manacor, 2005.
- 1º Prize in Afamour , for Forest 2010.
- 2º Prize in Afamour , for Forest nins in 2012.
- Red Dot Award 2019 Winner with RAK porcelain with HIDE collection.




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